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  • 99.5% Potassium Bifluoride
  • Nature:

    Colorless solid or cubic crystals, slightly acidic,odorless, and bimodal compounds. It is soluble in water and insoluble inethanol.

    The melting point is 239 °C, and the density is 2.37g/cm3.

  • Application
  • Product Specifications

    1. used as an electrolyte for the production ofanhydrous hydrogen fluoride, KF and elemental fluorine.

    2. for making masking agents and metallurgicalcosolvent

    3. for making ceramics and magnesium alloys, etc.

    4. catalyst for the preparation of alkylation ofbenzene

    5. for glass etching agents, welding aids, woodpreservatives, optical glass.

    Package: 25kg paper bag/plastic bag with pallet.