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  • 99% Sodium Fluoride
  • Nature:

    Sodium fluoride is colorless and shiny crystal or white powder.Its specific gravity is 2.25,melting point is 993 degrees, boiling point is1695 °C.

    Soluble in water, hydrofluoric acid, slightly soluble in alcohol. Aqueoussolution is weakly alkaline, soluble in hydrofluoric acid, and sodium fluoride.It can corrode glass. Poisonous!

  • Application
  • Product Specifications

    Aluminum smelting and welding flux, medical and woodpreservatives, brewing fungicides, agricultural pesticides, and fluorinated treatmentagents for drinking water, used in the paper industry, the production oftoothpaste, chemical reagents, and for the pickling of steel and stainlesssteel, the raw materials for the manufacture of other fluoride, the addition ofHF in the production of fluorine in the production elements of paper making. .In addition, it also has applications in enamel, medicine and other industries.Iron and steel analysis. Determination of phosphorus by photoelectriccolorimetric method. The blood test of scandium was measured by drop analysis.Masking agent. Flux

    Package: 25kg paper bag/plastic bag with pallet.